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CiRBA Releases Data Center Solution

Now enterprises can better understand their technology inventory, how it is configured at a deep level, automate both internal and external compliance reporting, verify and validate planned changes, and more effectively allocate IT resources such as hardware and software.

unique approach of providing IT management with information about heterogeneous data centers to a deep and detailed level is striking a chord with IT decision makers, says Gerry Smith, president and CEO of CiRBA. realize that this detailed information enables powerful analysis of the dynamics of their environments, its impact on compliance, and even asset optimization such as server consolidation. Release 3.0 advances our architecture to address the needs of those managing large scale heterogeneous IT environments. The latest version of the company’s flagship data center automation software allows organizations to simplify the management of data center environments by modeling and managing services so that provisioning, change and compliance actions are executed at the service level while the underlying devices and associated configuration settings are automatically managed in the background. Read More

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